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    Best Frozen Potatoes

    Potatoes mainly produce state-owned China, Russia, India, Ukraine, and the United States. China is the world’s largest producer of potatoes. In 2015, China will launch a potato staple strategy to promote the processing of potatoes into staple foods such as steamed bread, noodles and rice...
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    Frozen Sliced Potatoes

    "Potato" was named after a bell like a horse. It was called "Songxi County Food and Beverage" first recorded in the Kangxi era. Potatoes in northeastern China and Hebei are called potatoes, yam eggs are called in North China, artichokes are in the northwest and two lakes, Yang Panyu or Yangshan...
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    Frozen Potato Products

    English potato is from Spanish patata. According to the Royal Spanish Academy of Sciences, this Spanish vocabulary is a mixture of tai- nu batata (sweet potato) and Quechua papa (potato) [6]. In Latin America, the word "papa" is used in Spanish for "potatoes".
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    Frozen Potatoes Brands

    Potato (scientific name: Solanum tuberosum L.), a perennial herb belonging to Solanaceae, has tubers available for consumption and is the fourth most important food crop in the world, second only to wheat, rice and corn. Potatoes are also known as ground eggs, potatoes, and yam, and tubers of...
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    Frozen Diced Potatoes

    Selected from fresh and safe potatoes raw materials, processed in high technology in the factory and supervised by our QC staffs, our company has achieved an excellent reputation with providing high-quality food and good service in cooperation.
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    Frozen Sweet Potatoes

    When the potato was introduced to China from where it was, it was difficult to determine it with certainty. According to the records of county and county in Xingping County, Shaanxi Province, potatoes were introduced into China in the 16th century. The potato is native to the Andes mountains in...
  • Frozen Potatoes
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    Frozen Potatoes

    The most important potato cultivar is the tetraploid species. The tetraploid cultivar potato spread throughout the world, initially in Colombia introduced the type of short-day light from Europe to Spain in 1570, and was manually selected to become a long-day type.
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