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  • Frozen Squid Whole
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    Frozen Squid Whole

    Both sides of the head have a pair of well-developed cymbals around the mouth. It is often active in the upper and middle layers of the shallow sea, with a vertical range of more than 100 meters. The body is long and slender with long cones. It feeds on krill, sardines, silver mullet, and...
  • Frozen Squid Sale
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    Frozen Squid Sale

    The squid, also known as the squid and squid, is the animal of the order Oxygodonta of the mollusks of the head and foot of the mollusk. Conical body, pale, with brownish spots, large head, there are 10 foot touches in front, and the meat fins at the end are triangular, often cruising in ...
  • Best Frozen Calamari
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    Best Frozen Calamari

    Eye movement: High quality carp, squid, etc. should have smooth skin, claws bent, and clear markings. The shape of the fish is complete and solid, pinkish, shiny, with a slight frost on the body surface, hypertrophy, translucency, and a non-red back. Hands-on: If the meat is firm and...
  • Frozen Horse Mackerel
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    Frozen Horse Mackerel

    Barracuda, the scientific name of the blue circle, also known as an alias barbed fish, stick fish, pool fish, yellow accounted for pool Aberdeen, cooked fish. Perciformes clams of the genus a species. Body spindle, slightly flat side. Fat eyelid developed, before and after reaching the middle...
  • Frozen Mackerel For Sale
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    Frozen Mackerel For Sale

    Body stout micro-flat was spindle-shaped, the general body length of 20 to 40 cm, weighing 150 to 400 grams. Head large, front-pointed cone-like cone, eye height, mouth large, jaw length, with fine teeth, volar and hip bone have teeth. The body is a small round scales, blue-black or dark blue...
  • Frozen Mackerel Fish
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    Frozen Mackerel Fish

    There are many varieties of mackerel, but the mackerel that is caught in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean is the real mackerel. Varieties include white first mackerel (also known as Spanish mackerel), horse mackerel (also known as Mackerel), California horse mackerel, amberlina and...
  • Frozen Whole Mackerel
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    Frozen Whole Mackerel

    Mackerel is a very common edible fish, haunting the coasts of the Western Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean, and prefer to socialize. Under the Chinese context, attention should be paid to "herring", which is different from one of the four major domestic fish in China. With an average length...
  • Frozen Sardines Whole Foods
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    Frozen Sardines Whole Foods

    Small sardines begin sexual maturity at age 1 or 2, with reproductive periods in spring and summer. Fecundity varies with species and size of individual, mostly below 100,000. Ovoid, buoyant, mature egg diameter of about 0.6 ~ 0.9 mm, Primula long about 2.3 mm. Far Eastern proposed sardines are...
  • Frozen Sardines For Sale
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    Frozen Sardines For Sale

    Sardines are offshore warm water fish, generally not found in the open sea and ocean. They swim swiftly and usually inhabit the middle and upper strata, but when the surface water temperature is low in autumn and winter, they inhabit the deeper sea. Most sardines' suitable temperature is...
  • Whole Frozen Sardines
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    Whole Frozen Sardines

    Sardines are mainly used for food, but fish can also be made into animal feed. The use of sardine oil includes the manufacture of paints, pigments and linoleum, which are also used to make margarine in Europe. At the same time is the world's major marine economic fish. Sardines are slender...
  • Frozen Sardines
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    Frozen Sardines

    Sardines are said to be sardines in Hong Kong, also known as sardines, jackals and jackals. Small two-inch long, large ruler Xu, jaw slightly longer than the jaw, the tooth is not obvious, back Cang white, meat beauty, used to make more canned food. Originally captured in Sardinia, Italy, the...
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