• Freeze Dried Potatoes Bulk
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    Freeze Dried Potatoes Bulk

    Many people say that online potatoes can not eat frozen, wrong! Of course, potatoes can be eaten, I often deliberately eat potatoes to fry it. The specific method is: (1), the potatoes in the refrigerator frozen, pay attention must be frozen stiff;(2), the frozen potatoes in cold water to thaw...
  • Freeze Dried Potato Chips
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    Freeze Dried Potato Chips

    Potatoes can be consumed as long as they are not degenerated before freezing. But the taste is not good. Frozen raw potatoes can be cooked by heating. Such as: mashed potatoes, sliced, shredded into the cooking process. Can also be with chicken, beef, pork with stew taste and taste will be very...
  • Freeze Dried Potatoes
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    Freeze Dried Potatoes

    Potatoes can be made not only convenience foods, but also can be made into various frozen foods. Because potatoes can be stored year-round, therefore, the current development of their products is not enough, in fact, the quick-frozen potato products have broad prospects. Frozen potatoes ...
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