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  • Freeze Dried Mango Bulk
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    Freeze Dried Mango Bulk

    "Three unchanging" - not only product color, nutrition, taste does not change; Do not reduce, do not increase - products in addition to water, nothing to reduce; products in addition to delicious, nothing increases; High nutrition and low fat - Adopting the international advanced HACCP ...
  • Freeze Dried Mango Slices
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    Freeze Dried Mango Slices

    Freeze-dried crisp food, is the use of the more popular freeze-dried technology is made, different from the traditional mangoes on the market dry, no additives, non-fried, belong to the weight-loss Amy Ladies touted casual snacks. Lyophilized [1] Crunchy Drying is essentially carried out at...
  • Freeze Dried Mango
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    Freeze Dried Mango

    Pure crisp dry mango crisp is more popular at present healthy casual snacks, the use of emerging freeze-dried technology processing, more petty-winged in first-tier cities, white-collar workers are welcome.​
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