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    Abalone Can Food

    Abalone's body is covered with a thick, calcareous shell whose shell is a right-handed spiral shell. Abalone single-wall hard shell, shell dextral, the surface was dark green-brown. Inside the shell purple, green, white and other colors add radiance to each other, pearl treasure. In addition,...
  • Canned Abalone For Sale
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    Canned Abalone For Sale

    Abalone (Abalone), known as the fish, but in fact non-fish species is the original marine shellfish, shellfish molluscs. It is also called the Sea-ear because of its shape resembling a person's ear. Abalone usually grows on the seabed lower in the water temperature. Its footprint extends over...
  • Best Canned Abalone
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    Best Canned Abalone

    Abalone is one of the precious "sea treasures", delicious, nutritious, known as the ocean "soft gold." Abalone is a valuable marine shellfish, known as the "table gold, the highest of Haizhen", its delicate meat, nutritious. Fresh edible part of the protein 24%, 0.44% fat; dry goods containing...
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