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    Best Canned Garbanzo Beans

    Herbs annual or perennial. Height 1-2 m, stem erect, multi-branched, white glandular hairs. Stipules leaflike, or 3-5 irregular serrate or lower margin serrate; Leaves with leaflets 7-17, opposite or alternate, narrowly elliptic, 7-17 mm long, 3-10 mm wide, margin densely serrated, with white...
  • Chickpeas In Can Healthy
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    Chickpeas In Can Healthy

    The chickpeas are named because of their unusual face shape, like a hawk's beak. Chickpea is a leguminous herb that originated in western Asia and the near east. It is one of the most cultivated legumes in the world, with about 150 million mu. In India and Pakistan, the planting area accounts...
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    Canned Chickpeas Price

    Chickpeas (scientific name: Cicer arietinum) for butterfly flowers herbaceous plants, alias peach, beans, chickpeas, hummus, Pakistan and India is one of the important grain, edible chickpeas in Europe is also very common, is also a Uighur medicine commonly used medicinal materials.
  • Tinned Chickpea 400g
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    Tinned Chickpea 400g

    Zhangzhou Raysun Trade Co., Ltd. has been focusing on processing and marketing high quality and safe food products since established.Our main products include canned yellow peach, canned fruit cocktail, canned pear, canned mushroom, canned sweet corn, canned baby corn, canned asparagus, canned...
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