Canned Broad Beans

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  • Canned Broad Beans Products
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    Canned Broad Beans Products

    selecting dried broad bean - washing & cleaning - boiling - selecting again - filling into the empty can - weighing - adding the soup - covering the lid - sealing the can - inspecting - high temperature sterilization - cooling - cleaning & drying the can - sending to the warehouse.
  • Canned Fresh Salted Broad Beans 400g
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    Canned Fresh Salted Broad Beans 400g

    Zhangzhou Raysun Trade Co., Ltd. has been focusing on processing and marketing high quality and safe food products since established.Our main products include canned yellow peach, canned fruit cocktail, canned pear, canned mushroom, canned sweet corn, canned baby corn, canned asparagus, canned...
Searching for quality and healthy canned broad beans here with our professional canned food supplier. Be free to wholesale quality canned broad beans at reasonable price from our factory.

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