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  • Canned Broad Beans Products
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    Canned Broad Beans Products

    selecting dried broad bean - washing & cleaning - boiling - selecting again - filling into the empty can - weighing - adding the soup - covering the lid - sealing the can - inspecting - high temperature sterilization - cooling - cleaning & drying the can - sending to the warehouse.
  • Best Canned Garbanzo Beans
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    Best Canned Garbanzo Beans

    Herbs annual or perennial. Height 1-2 m, stem erect, multi-branched, white glandular hairs. Stipules leaflike, or 3-5 irregular serrate or lower margin serrate; Leaves with leaflets 7-17, opposite or alternate, narrowly elliptic, 7-17 mm long, 3-10 mm wide, margin densely serrated, with white...
  • Chickpeas In Can Healthy
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    Chickpeas In Can Healthy

    The chickpeas are named because of their unusual face shape, like a hawk's beak. Chickpea is a leguminous herb that originated in western Asia and the near east. It is one of the most cultivated legumes in the world, with about 150 million mu. In India and Pakistan, the planting area accounts...
  • Canned Chickpeas Price
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    Canned Chickpeas Price

    Chickpeas (scientific name: Cicer arietinum) for butterfly flowers herbaceous plants, alias peach, beans, chickpeas, hummus, Pakistan and India is one of the important grain, edible chickpeas in Europe is also very common, is also a Uighur medicine commonly used medicinal materials.
  • Green Peas In A Can
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    Green Peas In A Can

    Racemes axillary, sepals and bracts lanceolate, hairy; calyx-like, calyx teeth 5, lanceolate, longest below 1 tooth, densely white villous; corolla small, white or pale Purple, slightly longer than axillary; flag flap apex slightly concave, wing flap with 2 ears, keel keel-shaped; stamens...
  • Can Of Green Peas
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    Can Of Green Peas

    Green beans are the blue green soybeans. According to the color of its cotyledons, it can be divided into two kinds of green skin green kernel soybean and green skin yellow kernel soybean. Stem thick, dense gray long hair. Petiole long, densely gray long hirsute; stipules small, lanceolate;...
  • Red Kidney Beans In A Can
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    Red Kidney Beans In A Can

    ‚ÄčArthralgia to many elderly patients to bring action, life's inconvenience. Did not take a few steps, pain can not go, can not help but make people much distressed. How to effectively relieve joint pain? Experts suggest that life often eat red kidney beans porridge. Cymbidium red beans are...
  • Canned Dark Red Kidney Beans
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    Canned Dark Red Kidney Beans

    At present, the county red kidney bean industry has initially formed an overseas market, pulling the domestic market, the domestic market to connect the local market, the local market in hand the tens of thousands of households in the production, marketing and integration of the development...
  • Canned Kidney Beans Brands
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    Canned Kidney Beans Brands

    Kidney bean grain shape a variety of kidney-shaped, oval, flat, cylindrical and spherical, etc .; also a variety of colors, such as white, black, black purple, green and variegated stripes and so on. Large differences in particle size, the smaller, such as soybeans, while the white kidney...
  • Organic Canned Kidney Beans
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    Organic Canned Kidney Beans

    White kidney beans, the biological name of flowering beans, because of diverse colors and named. Subfamily Leguminosae, subfamose butterfly, Beans trifolium beans, white kidney beans native to Mexico and Argentina in the Americas, after cultivation by acclimation has adapted to cool humid...
  • Canned Kidney Beans
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    Canned Kidney Beans

    In recent years, Kangbaoxian red kidney bean production as a new enriching the characteristics of the industry to cultivate vigorously, to take "base + farmers + market", "company + farmer + service" and other ways, the implementation of standardized cultivation of red kidney beans, the ...
  • Canned Red Kidney Bean
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    Canned Red Kidney Bean

    Red kidney beans, legumes, angiosperm doors, is a specialty of Shanxi, large particles, bright color, both nutritional and medicinal value, nutrition and health, longevity. Has always been the best-selling goods in the international trade market. In Kangbao County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei...
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